Introducing YaaS (YIKES! as a Service)

Introducing YaaS (YIKES! as a Service)

I can read you this post:

At Iterate there’s a long-standing tradition and recently returned event called Pitch Night. Here you can pitch your best startup ideas, but we prefer if you get up and pitch a realllllllly bad idea. Because good ideas often look pretty bad at first! For example, staying in someone else’s house (Airbnb), hailing a ride from a stranger (Uber), or dismantling the fundamentals of democracy and sane political discourse (Twitter).

Speaking of social media gone amok…at the last Pitch Night, I presented my solution to this very modern challenge. I call it YaaS or Yikes! as a Service. We tell the world when they are cringe, so you don’t have to.

A recent example of mega cringe

Problem: Online cringe is growing at an exponential rate. From bad thought leadership to edgy brand marketing, the problem is only worsening.

Solution: When we receive a cringe notification, we’ll go to the offending post and simply comment “YIKES!” without further explanation. That’s it.

Want to be part of the beta? Use the below form to report your cringe. Unfortunately, we only support LinkedIn as we don’t have the resources to address the amount of cringe found on other social networks.

    Include the YIKES emoji (😬)?