‘Doc’ Holiday Gravesite (Glenwood Springs, Colorado, USA)

If you have seen the movie Tombstone then you likely know who Doc Holiday was. For those who have not, basically, he’s a badass American cowboy, gambler, and gunslinger. I visited his gravesite and dragged my kids along to pay our respects. His grave sits on top of a mountain so there’s a small hike to get there.

While he does have a tombstone here it is not known exactly where his body was buried. At the time they used wooden markers that long deteriorated and over time his location became unknown.

It is tempting but there are homes below.
There’s a wishing tree along the way up to the gravesite my son needed to climb.
Not the first time I’ve made my kids stare at old tombstones.
There were several small offerings such as a sheriff’s badge, money, and gambling chips.


N 39° 32.373 W 107° 19.233