Edvard Munch’s Gravesite (Oslo, Norway)

Edvard Munch’s Gravesite (Oslo, Norway)

For some reason in Norway UPS doesn’t always bring your package to your doorstep. Instead, they drop it off at some random store (usually across town) to be picked up. Sorta defeats the purpose of shopping online in my opinion. If I wanted to leave my hermit hole or deal with people I would just go buy the thing at a store but I digress.

This happened yet again to me recently which meant trying to find some tiny ass grocery store two bus changes away. While navigating my way there I noticed something close to my destination pop up on my Google Maps. That being a landmark for Edvard Munch’s grave site within the historic Our Savior’s Cemetery. I was curious, not just about death’s inevitable grip, but what type of grave does Norway’s most famous painter call his eternal home?

I was surprised although perhaps I should not have been at how modest it was. Just a simple stoic bust of the man and not much other fanfare. I don’t know if I was expecting to see a large memorial with the rich color palate Munch is well known for but probably should not have been. This is a cemetery after all and this is modest Norway.

I was also curious to find out what did Munch think about death? Much of his art deals with mental health and other morbid topics. Well, I guess this quote, found on a loose piece of paper in one of his notebooks after his death says it best.

“From my rotting body, flowers shall grow and I am in them, and that is eternity.”

Sure enough, there is a flower bed at his feet as you can see…