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I started a Podcast because why the hell not! I’m sharing my experience in startup building and offering some unfiltered advice, mainly for first-time founders.

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Welcome to Percival’s Rants. Here’s a show quick intro to what you can expect. 

I guess to start who am I and why are my rants worth a damn? For some quick background, my name is Sean Percival, and I’ve worked in the technology and startup space for 20+ years now. Over that time I’ve worked with over a thousand startups and I’ve personally deployed 15 million dollars into over 100 early-stage investments. I’ve also founded several companies of my own and raised money from some of silicon valley’s top venture funds. So as we say in the business, I’ve been on both sides of the table.

Throughout this experience, and when it comes to startups specifically, I’ve seen the good, the bad, the ugly, and well, the really ugly. This has given me a unique perspective into the founder journey, especially when it comes to some common mistakes to avoid when company building. Trust me, I’ve also made most of them myself.  

With regard to whether my rants are worth a damn the answer is probably no. And truth be told, if you’re building a startup, you should be spending less time listening to people like me and more time doing the actual building. That being said, and since you’re already listening, here’s what you can expect. 

First and foremost, this is not a podcast where I and some random person blab on for an hour. There’s certainly no shortage of this already to be found. And truthfully, I don’t really want to share the mic with anyone as I have a lot of stories to share myself.  And while I am prone to long rambling rants I’m going to try to keep each episode to a bite-size format. Oh and unlike a lot of podcasting investors and authors I don’t really have something to sell you, or my own ventures to promote here. That will let me keep my rants super raw, unfiltered, and tactical as well. I’ll mostly stick to ranting on the area I both know and enjoy the most. That being early-stage startups and helping first-time founders. You poor but beautiful bastards, you’re going to need the help trust me. 

So if that sounds interesting to you please subscribe and share the link with your friends, enemies, or lovers. I look forward to occupying some space in your ear and your mind while hopefully entertaining you a bit along the way.