The Incorruptible St. Zita Mummy (Lucca, Italy)

I visited Italy for the first time and the wonderful area of Tuscany and Pisa. Strangely enough, I did not see that leaning tower…however, I did come across something equally as interesting. That being the naturally mummified remains of St. Zita, who is one of the ‘incorruptibles’, a saint who is deemed so pure and good their body simply did not decay. She is over 700 years old and was even mentioned by Dante in his Divine Comedy.

Here she rests, and rests, and rests some more.

I bet a little face moisturizer would go a long way for her…
Bonus shot from atop one of the many towers of the city. I had to hike a lot of stairs for that one. You can see her resting spot in the far right corner here.