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  • New Podcast: Percival’s Startup Rants

    New Podcast: Percival’s Startup Rants

    I have a new podcast because who doesn’t have a podcast?!?

  • Introducing YaaS (YIKES! as a Service)

    Introducing YaaS (YIKES! as a Service)

    I can read you this post: At Iterate there’s a long-standing tradition and recently returned event called Pitch Night. Here you can pitch your best startup ideas, but we prefer if you get up and pitch a realllllllly bad idea. Because good ideas often look pretty bad at first! For example, staying in someone else’s […]

  • Are you worried you’re not web3 enough?

    Are you worried you’re not web3 enough?

    Don’t be ashamed! Cryptotile dysfunction affects millions but now you can do something about it. Here’s how to be more web3 in 3 easy steps: Change your profile photo to an NFT. There are no faces in web3, just very very bored apes. Completely pivot your career to web3 and hope no one notices. Let […]

  • The Metaverse is Here! (Again)

    The Metaverse is Here! (Again)

    Like any self-respecting geek, I read Neal Stephenson’s Snow Crash in my early 20s. It was a transformative experience and likely drove much of my interest in the tech industry as a whole. For the uninitiated, this is where the term metaverse was coined, it encompassed a virtual world where players (represented by avatars) lived […]

  • Social Media is Us, and Using Us

    Social Media is Us, and Using Us

    Oh yes, you’re reading a personal blog post/rant about social media just like it’s 2006 all over again. So queue up ‘Hips Don’t Lie’ by Shakira on your iPod, shout out “verryyy nice” like Borat, and add some glitter graphics to your Myspace page because here we go.  It was of course in 2006 when […]

  • Event industry, please go easy on us.

    Event industry, please go easy on us.

    You can already sense it and, in some cases, feel it. Jet engines are revving up. Hotel conference rooms are getting dusted off and ready. Somewhere, probably in a sweltering factory, workers are assembling thousands upon thousands of lanyards ablaze with the hashtags….#dreamforce and #con this and #con that. Oh yes, with the great reopening […]

  • How not to bore your investors during a video pitch

    How not to bore your investors during a video pitch

    As a founder you have 99 problems and a good video pitch is one. Since the pandemic hit, I’ve been part of about 100 video-based investor pitches. Unfortunately, I must say that most are pretty bad. Here are a few things you can do to make them less bad. Your future investors will thank you.  […]

  • The Pandemic Themed Home Office Gear Guide

    The Pandemic Themed Home Office Gear Guide

    The office is dead, long live the home office. This is actually great news for me as I’ve always had a home office. Mostly because I used to be a terrible workaholic while at the same time being a bit of a hermit. So as the world shut down and the idea of working in […]

  • Note to My Future Self: A 2020 Retrospective

    Note to My Future Self: A 2020 Retrospective

    Dear Future Self, Regardless if you read this in the year 2020 or many years in the future, I don’t think I’ll have to remind you just how strange the year 2020 was. It was a time of much uncertainty and great restrictions. However, instead of focusing on the many things you couldn’t do this […]

  • A List of Very Good Things to Happen During These Very Bad Times

    A List of Very Good Things to Happen During These Very Bad Times

    My last blog post was probably a wee bit negative. Hey, these are tough times. We’re all a bit anxious and worried so can ya really blame me? So to counter that, I’ve started to compile a list of some of the good things happening during these bad times. Have some good news to recommend? […]

  • This all sucks (and it’s OK to say it)

    This all sucks (and it’s OK to say it)

    Yup, everything really sucks right now, and it’s more than OK to say that, hell scream it aloud or at the very least acknowledge it. This, however, doesn’t seem to be the case as in addition to our N95 masks we seem to be wearing another mask, one of misplaced or perhaps even faked bravery.  […]

  • Coronavirus Tales Under Socialism, Democracy, and Social Democracy

    Coronavirus Tales Under Socialism, Democracy, and Social Democracy

    In a period of 30 days, I’ll have lived the Coronavirus (COVID-19) under three very different governments. Who infected it best? I’ll break it down and grade them for you. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Unitary Marxist-Leninist one-party socialist republic At the start of this month, I got on a jet and flew to Vietnam […]

  • Marketing Consultant Rules of Engagement

    Marketing Consultant Rules of Engagement

    Clickbait alert! You thought you were coming for a witty guide to the world of marketing and working with clients. First, a word from our sponsor (me) to let you know I recently became a free agent and am available for consulting projects. Growth marketing, accelerator management, fundraising support, song & dance ensembles, surprise me. […]

  • New Book: The Accelerator Survival Guide

    New Book: The Accelerator Survival Guide

    My next book is now up for pre-order and shipping in a month. The Accelerator Survival Guide: How to lead, design and execute great programs. This guide is a collection of experiences, a few rants, some frameworks, and awesome startup accelerator best practices. It’s the ideal starting point for program directors but any member of […]

  • My First Children’s Book: Goodnight Fortnite

    My First Children’s Book: Goodnight Fortnite

    My next book is something different as it’s a children’s book. This one is also for the parents and specifically those with kids that play way too much Fortnite. Introducing Goodnight Fortnite: A parody to make them stop playing and go to bed. It’s a parody of the classic children’s book Goodnight Moon written in […]

  • Serial entrepreneur Sean Percival joins as CMO

    Serial entrepreneur Sean Percival joins as CMO

    “When I first relocated to Oslo from Silicon Valley was the very first company I wanted to work for. So I’m incredibly excited to be able to join today and at a point when the business has already begun a nice growth trajectory. With such a large user base already that includes millions of […]

  • Field Guide to Unicorn Startups Around the World

    Field Guide to Unicorn Startups Around the World

    Startup unicorns (a company with $1B+ in valuation) seem to be everywhere these days.  Yes, it’s not just Silicon Valley adding these mystical beasts to their stables. In fact startup unicorns are popping up all over the world. Of course just like unicorns these valuations might not be real. Either way, it’s a frothy market and we’re […]

  • Allen Stern

    Allen Stern, a blogger, entrepeneur and all-around great guy, passed away this week. He was best known for his blog CenterNetworks, an early tech blog focused on our industry. During the “Web 2.0” days many of us spent time with Allen via blogs, early social networks like FriendFeed, and at events like SXSW. Allen’s story […]

  • Office Furniture In Orange County

    Organization is the key to success for any business in Orange County, California. From desks that can hold the supplies of employees to filing cabinets that can protect important documents, your business thrives when it actively takes steps to become organized. Your business can find all of the office furniture and supplies that it needs […]

  • This Week in Social Media

    In case you missed it, I’m one of the hosts of the new This Week in Social Media show from Below is the first episode with our very special guest Brian Solis. The show is still a little rough but I’m looking forward to helping develop it. Catch us weekly (and live) every Thursday at 11am PST. […]

  • Riding the Carousel

    A lot of big blog these days are running what I like the call the carousel. This typically includes 3-4 featured stories, accompanied with images, and little sub-headings. It also appears in the header of the site, above logos and post content. In addition to looking pretty, the carousel DRAMATICALLY helps increase page views. For […]

  • Confirmed: Michael Jackson Dead

    The Los Angeles Times is the first major news outlet to confirm Michael Jackson has indeed died. Pop star Michael Jackson was pronounced dead by doctors this afternoon after arriving at a hospital in a deep coma, city and law enforcement sources told The Times. More: Michael Jackson Photo Gallery Michael Jackson Heart Attack? Breaking: […]

  • How Much Traffic Does a Site Like Get?

    This much: 2.7 million visitors at the height of its “viral-ness”. Not too bad. Visit to see why.

  • Twitter Spam

    Twitter Spam

    Twitter Spam is getting worse and worse these days. If you use Twitter like I do, and follow everyone who follows you, then you’ve probably seen a lot of crap like the above tweet. Of course Twitter has never really had great spam reporting tools. Most users don’t even know the best way to report […]

  • Derek Fisher Twitter

    You can find Sean Percival. Maybe over here too where Derek Fisher is live tweeting some type of game.

  • Taco Baby

    Sometimes I eat so many tacos I feel as though I have a taco baby within me. Of course that’s not possible, dudes can’t get preggers, especially with taco babies. The whole idea is just silly really.

  • Muppet Scat!

    Watch John Stewart tonight? Fine, here is your damn Muppet Scat.

  • Nothing is Original.

  • Cad Bane

    Cad Bane is a new Star Wars bounty hunter first introduced in the Clone Wars animated series. As any good Star Wars fan knows, the bounty hunters are easily some of the most bad ass characters. This one being no exception. Cad Bane on Daymix See full results »embed this widget

  • Tsavo on TechCrunch

    Mike Arrington may be on vacation this month, but the blogging must go on. Today they covered the “formal” launch of our Daymix network and lifestyle blogs. These blogs covering men’s lifestyle, young woman’s interests, parenting and food have been the major focus for me the last few months. Along with the crazy talented team here […]

  • DJ Khaled, The White Bentley Car Chase Driver?

    There are some early rumors that the driver of the white Bentley car chase in Los Angeles is DJ Khaled from Miami. Update: It appears the driver shot himself and may be dead on the scene. Update 2: DJ Khaled says on his MySpace blog that it aint him! ****** OFFICIAL PRESS RELEASE **** This […]

  • White Bentley Car Chase in Los Angeles

    Yup there is a white bentley car chase going on in my backyard, gotta love Los Angeles. Check the Twitter Talk, heck the chase even has its own Twitter account: *Update: It might be DJ Khaled of TS

  • Dennys Free Grand Slam

    A free grand slam from Denny’s? That’s *almost* cheap enough for me to desire such a horrible thing. Mark your calendars for February 3rd because that’s the day you will be able to redeem your Grand Slam breakfast. Here is the Denny s commercial:

  • Michael Phelps Bong Picture (Exclusive)

    Just got my hands on a new exclusive photo of Michael Phelps smoking weed, check it out below: That photo may or may not be altered. Also if you are wondering what brand the the Michael Phelps bong is, its a ROOR 3.2.

  • What Time Does the Super Bowl Start 2009

    What Time Does the Super Bowl Start 2009? Its always funny to see people type in natural language search terms. Folks we aren’t there yet, but wishful thinking doesn’t hurt. To answer your questions, Super Bowl XLIII takes places on February 1st 2009 and kick-off is scheduled for a 6:20 EST start time on NBC

  • Michael Phelps Smoking Weed

    Yup thats the photo of Michael Phelps smoking weed that everyone is going nuts over.  OMG surely its the pot that has made him the superstar he is. Perhaps he gets a roll of cookie dough for every gold medal.

  • Super Bowl Ads 2009

    Yup, its Super Bowl Start Time. What a wonderful time of the year, just as Americans escape their holiday wonderland comma of over indulgence, its right back to it. You know what I mean, really get in there and work that dip. Get that ass groove back in your couch cushions and love it. The economy […]

  • Marcus Evans

    Marcus Evans can put together conferences and provide all other types of other help. I’m trying out a few of their services and there is little these guys can’t do. Just wanted to give them a quick shout out. Contact Marcus Evans here for more info. They also produce the publication cio quarterly by Marcus Evans. It provides the modern […]


    I love mondays, don’t you? Here is what mine usually look like:

  • Dixville Notch Voting Results

    Dixville Notch has been the first to post voting results since 1960. Every time (other than when Nixon ran) the town has gone Republican, seems even small town real Americans are looking for a change. McCain: 6 Obama: 15 The Barac Obama Inauguration Watch President Obama Inauguration Online Obama Inauguration Timeline 

  • I’m a PC

    Yes I’m a PC. Always have been and imagine I always will be. Yes Apples are great, but they aren’t for me. While I always enjoyed the Apple vs PC commercials, something always felt wrong. For one, I look like the Apple guy. And all that fun stuff he does on his cute little Mac, […]

  • Blog Day 2008

    Today is Blog Day 2008. An interesting idea that encourages bloggers to share links and introduce readers to new blogs out there. Here are 5 blogs I enjoy reading, hopefully for some of you these will be new discoveries. Jackie Peters: Blogging over on Heavybag Media, Jackie shares her insight into the social economy and […]

  • The 2008 Interview Bucket List

    I can’t help but enjoy doing interviews. Frankly, most of the tech scene interviews these days are just painful to watch. I like to inject my own style and keep the interviewee on their toes. I guess you could say its a mixture of what John Steward and Howard Stern both do so well. So […]

  • Chengdu China Earthquake

    An earthquake measuring 7.8 has hit south-west China, according to the US Geological Survey. Reports said tremors could be felt as far afield as the Thai capital, Bangkok, and Hanoi in Vietnam. The quake struck 57 miles (92km) north-west of Sichuan’s provincial capital, Chengdu, at 1428 (0628 GMT), the survey said on its website. Via: […]

  • Thomas Beatie, the First Pregnant Man?

    Thomas Beatie was born a woman and had sex reassignment operation to become a man. Now it seems she (or he? so confused) is pregnant? He recently appeared on Oprah to share his story as seen in the below clip. His wife Nancy could not conceive so through the use of artificial insemination Thomas became […]

  • Interview with Pete Cashmore of Mashable

    At we are playing around with the idea of using Ustream to create content and engage. This gave me a chance to try out interviewing. This is actually something I’ve wanted to do for awhile, but hey who has the time. I thought it would be a little more interesting to toss out a […]

  • Hello Canada!

    I can’t help but notice someone from Canada is really looking for me online the last 24 hours. I can see my web sites traffic in real time and this site (along with my others) keep getting hit from Canada usually with my name as the search term. So what are you looking for? Drop […]

  • 10 Reasons Why It Doesnt Pay To Be The Computer Guy

    Originally from here (currently off line due to “Digg Effect“). Although I can say I’ve experienced the same many many times. Treat your geeks with love people! Reason #10 – Most Of Your Accomplishments Are Invisible The computer guy never hears anyone tell him, “I just want to let you know … everything is working […]

  • Prision vs Work

    Yes, I would still rather be in prision than have a 9-5 job again. Here is why: IN PRISON: You spend the majority of your time in a 10X10 cell. AT WORK: You spend the majority of your time in an 8X8 cubicle. IN PRISON: You get three meals a day. AT WORK: You get […]

  • Cover Yourself

    Look at all the great press I’m getting! Last year it was Forbes and Time’s Person of the Year. Now its the cover of WIRED! Wow… Ok, Ok, so those last 2 might have been a stretch but if you would like to create your WIRED cover visit: