Category: Blogger Relations

  • Gawker Redesign: Hybrid of Blog, Facebook and Twitter

    I’ve always been a big fan of the designs and layouts used by Gawker blogs throughout the years. They seem to always been trying something new and they iterate often. While some blogs push the same tired look from years ago, Gawker continues to innovate. Since they just pushed some new features last week I thought I’d […]

  • Defamer to Fold into

    You’d be amazed by who is trying to unload blogs these days, oh if only I could tell you some names. However since we may scope some of them up, I have to leave that to the imagination for now. The latest causality is the Gawker Hollywood tabloid Defamer, like Valleywag its going to be […]

  • Valleywag Kills All The Writers You Care About

    Denton is slashing away at Valleywag once again, this time its the door for Jackson West, Nicholas Carlson and Melissa Gira Grant. Citing the pending economic doom, Denton has stated he is going into “disaster planning”. I enjoyed all these writers but must say my interest in the site was already waining. Without these guys whos […]

  • Obsessable Launches

    Obsessable is a new gadget and technology website covering mobile, photography, home audio video, computers and video games. Check out the site and follow them on Twitter and Friendfeed. The website is the first property launched off the new Crowd Fusion platform. Part blog part aggregator, the site is comprised of both original content and hand […]

  • Congrats to VentureBeat, GigaOm and RWW

    The New York Times just picked up syndication rights for several great tech blogs including VentureBeat, GigaOM and RWW. The content will be included as part the upcoming new technology section. Additionally the Times will expand its TimesPeople feature across more of the news website. I love to see these types of deals because it […]