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  • FriendFeed after Facebook

    Big news today, Facebook has acquired FriendFeed. Overall this is a huge win for Facebook, and a super smart buy. But what happens to FriendFeed? I’ve been an active user since its inception, honestly, I really love the platform. However FriendFeed is a geeky toy, not something the mainstream is likely to go gaga over. […]

  • Welcome to the River

    Grab a paddle, and maybe a few anchors… Related: FriendFeed Blog TechCrunch Louis Gray

  • Scoble’s List

    Scoble recently published a list of his favorite tech/socialmedia types on FriendFeed. Its not a bad list, actually its a pretty good resource. Overall I found about 3 new people to follow, names I knew but had yet to make a connection with on FriendFeed. As expected with something like this a few folks are […]

  • New FriendFeed is Live!

    The new FriendFeed layout was pushed to the live site just a few moments ago. I was honestly a bit worried because I’ve become so accustomed to the old version, my first thoughts were “Ok, what did they make sucky here”. So far only complaint is the grey navigation on the left hand side, I’m a […]

  • Social Media Lemmings

    Oh just jump over the cliff already, before I could even write up my “FriendFeed, The Best Thing Online Since Porn” blog post, along comes yet another service. Once again we all lurch forward, sign up, rinse, friend request and repeat. Duncan has a nice wrap up with quotes from various folks today. Once again, […]