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  • Google+ Rolls Out Verified Names

    Google+, the new social platform from Google, has now added support for verified names.  The team over there is moving quickly to iterate the product and extend its reach throughout other areas of Google. That’s a good sign for fans of the platform. Verified names are similar to verified accounts on Twitter (notice the difference […]

  • Google+ Fan Art Compilation

    Since Google+ launched we have seen a fair amount of fan art created to celebrate (or poke fun at) its arrival. Here’s a roundup of some of the more popular images circling around Google+, listed roughly in the order of their appearance. We’ve been through so much already people, so many bad animated GIFs. You can […]

  • Google+ Brand Page Concept

      Naturally, with the advent of any new social platform, brands want to be included. Almost immediately after the Google+ launch, we started to see a few, mainly tech-related blogs, creating brand profiles there. However, the Google+ profiles aren’t really set up for brands. The profiles ask a lot of questions more applicable to humans–for […]

  • Google+, The Phone

    This week, Google released its long-awaited and first, really serious entry into the social networking world. That’s Google+ or Google Plus if you’re nasty. I’ve been playing around with the new service, and I really like it. I think Google actually did a great job here. A major thing it has going for it is the […]

  • How to Make Facebook Comments SEO Friendly

    I’ve been looking at Facebook comments lately and I think they’re great. There is one problem, though. As far as I can tell they’re not very SEO friendly. So while Facebook comments are generally higher quality and less prone to trolling, they don’t offer much value to websites that leverage comments for SEO. Of course it’s an […]

  • Content Farmers React to Algorithm Update

    Content Farmers React to Algorithm Update

    Today The Google announced a change to their algorithm. Turns out they were serious about that whole punishing low quality content thing. Of course everyone is curious to know if the usual suspects are impacted (they are) but what about the little guy? You know those small time content farmers out there trying to make a dollar out of […]

  • How I Use Google

    via fistactular (nsfw)

  • Google Developer Kevin Marks Talks Open Social, Data Portability, Friend Connect and more

    [audio:] I was sent this great interview with Google developer Kevin Marks from Theme-Zoom and The Technology Goddess.  Kevin gives us some great insight into the big G. Here are a few topics covered: – How many Open Social applications exist at Google? – Why is the concept of “data portability” a misnomer? – How […]

  • Mail Goggles!

    This is too good, Mail Goggles out of the Google Labs helps prevent the dreaded drunken email. It actually makes you answer some math questions (as seen above) before you can send that late friday night email to your ex. Someone should roll a similar service for text messaging. What Others Are Saying: MG Siegler […]

  • Los Angeles: Ditch Work Tomorrow

    And come see me speak at Itec 2008. I’m giving the Thursday keynote titled “Breaking out of the Fish Bowl“. Register here (it’s free).

  • Google Chrome

    Google Chrome Comic Book – Get more Docstoc Buzz Sure everyone is talking about the new browser from Google called Chrome. And while I can’t wait to give it a test drive, I’m content enjoying this comic they put together. From famed artist Scott McCloud, this is a great marketing tactic. Many us were first […]

  • Google Suggests…

    As announced on their official blog, Google is going to roll out Google Suggest into it’s native search. The feature has been in development through Google Labs since 2004 (no really), by Friday it should be rolled out live to everyone. So what does this mean? Let’s take a look at a few points. People […]

  • Google Turns 1,000,000,000,000

    Google Turns 1,000,000,000,000

    Wow… Google announced today that they have over 1 trillion pages in their index. Even after removing a majority of the duplicate content out there. That is just amazing, a true testimate the amount of data living on the web today. Now its up to us (you) to make some sense of it all. While […]

  • Disrupting Google

    This above image is search. Thats you stuck in the middle of it. The information you need may be as close as the nearby blue nodes. These are websites like Wikipedia and eventually Mahalo. Sometimes that information is deeper, on the green nodes. These are sites like and for the guys Chickipedia. Lastly we […]