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  • Social Networking Sites and Our Lives [Report]

    Here’s a great report from the PewResearchCenter. It’s a up-to-date look at the social impact of all these crazy social networking sites. Social networking sites and our lives

  • How to Make Facebook Comments SEO Friendly

    I’ve been looking at Facebook comments lately and I think they’re great. There is one problem, though. As far as I can tell they’re not very SEO friendly. So while Facebook comments are generally higher quality and less prone to trolling, they don’t offer much value to websites that leverage comments for SEO. Of course it’s an […]

  • First Photo of the Facebook Phone

      You may of read earlier that Facebook is building their own phone (they deny it). However I would love for them to explain this VERY convincing photo below. They totally ripped off Apple! Not cool! – Looking for a great Fortnite Book? Also check out the free fortnite book you can read on Kindle […]

  • The Facebook Questions Easter Egg

    How is babby formed? It’s a timeless question that launched a meme and a life of its own. For those not aware of such Internet history please take a moment to familiarize yourself. For Internet troublemakers like myself this question is a great way to test any new Q&A service. I was the first user […]

  • FriendFeed after Facebook

    Big news today, Facebook has acquired FriendFeed. Overall this is a huge win for Facebook, and a super smart buy. But what happens to FriendFeed? I’ve been an active user since its inception, honestly, I really love the platform. However FriendFeed is a geeky toy, not something the mainstream is likely to go gaga over. […]

  • I Love The New Facebook

    Am I the only one? Sure seems like it.  That can’t be true though, it just can’t be. Since the switch I’ve noticed a huge increase in usage, from both myself and my friends. For people who hate it so you sure seem to be liking and commenting my shit more than ever. I think […]

  • Facebook Worm: Koobface

    From Inquisitr: Koobface, the Facebook worm that takes over computers by spreading through the social network, is back in a new form. The newly tweaked Facebook worm works like its predecessor, only with an updated look and code that might not be caught as quickly. Facebook Worm on Daymix See full results »embed this widget

  • How to Achieve Facebook Happiness and Joy

    Feeling under the weather today, so I took some time to clear out my Facebook app requests. This new “ignore all” button is obviously coded in ruby on happy rails of joy. You can add me on Facebook at http://www.new.facebook.com/profile.php?id=500335284, just don’t send me any goddamn app requests!

  • New Sport: Comparing New Sports Sites to Other Web 2.0 Sites

    Thanks to this Techmeme thread I’m just confused. Is it like Facebook or Netvibes? I’m really hoping see one more thread extension here comparing SportsFanLive to Twitter. This post has been brought to you by the Nothing Better to Post on a Sunday Committee.