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  • Marketing activities that are generally a waste of time

    Marketing activities that are generally a waste of time

    I’ve been thinking back to marketing activities I’ve done that have proven to be a waste of time. Much like venture capital, marketing follows the 80/20 rule aka only 20% of what you do actually makes an impact. Here are a few things you might want to avoid. As usual, this is mostly geared towards […]

  • My Next Book: Marketing WTF

    My Next Book: Marketing WTF

    I’m challenging myself to do a lot more writing and as part of that publishing more through Amazon. To get updates on future releases please follow my Amazon Author Profile and my Goodreads page. I hope to publish around 10 books before the end of 2020 on startup stuff, a children’s book and even some fiction writing.  To that end, my […]

  • A Few Reasons Your Bitcoin Startup Might Fail

    A Few Reasons Your Bitcoin Startup Might Fail

    I’ve been an investor for a few months now, so naturally I have no idea what I’m doing just yet. Thankfully, I’m investing in Bitcoin companies, an industry that also has no idea what it’s doing—although we’re both starting to figure things out. Over the last few months, I’ve probably met with 100+ Bitcoin companies […]

  • User Acquisition Marketing in Los Angeles

    I’m going to be teaching a course on User Acquisition Marketing through the newly established Coloft Academy. This 6-week course is perfect for early stage companies looking to give their marketing efforts a massive boost. If you’re trying to find your first 1,000 customers or 1 million web visitors this is the place to start. It’s also great […]

  • How To Handle Relationship Marketing with Zappos

    Zappos has had no shortage of coverage these days, and I just found out why. About Zappos An e-commerce website that launched in 1999 with next to no sales. This year they are projected to do over 1 billion in sales. Any e-commerce site owner simply needs to take a look at the company to […]