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  • Microsoft Windows 8 Split Keyboard UI

    Today, at the All Things Digital D9 conference Microsoft demoed their next generation operating system Windows 8 for the first time. There actually are a lot of nice surprises to come there — check out the video below for all the highlights. What really stood out to me was this screenshot showing a split keyboard […]

  • Microsoft’s New Search Engine Bing Opens

    Bing, the new search engine from Microsoft is now open to the public. So head on over and give it the true test by searching for your own name. How did it do? Other Interesting Things To See: On the homepage hover over the image to reveal pop-up messages. Each contain a snip it of […]

  • Microsoft Lauren Commercial

    OH NOES! All the Apple fanboys hate this commercial which makes me like it just that much more. Plus Lauren is pretty cute.

  • Bill Gates House

    The latest issue of Style takes us inside the house of Bill Gates. The article reveals that iPhones and iPods are in fact not allowed in the household, some of the few items with such restrictions. Thats gotta be rough on the Gates kids. I’m all for family pride (Hell I’m even “A PC”), but […]

  • Windows 7 Beta Key

    Do you need a Windows 7 Beta Key? Seems there has been all sorts of problems with these keys and just downloading the software in general. I’m living a fragmented OS life these days, half XP, half Vista.  It doesn’t bode well for ones self confience, let me tell ya. Any one out there using Windows 7, […]

  • I’m a PC

    Yes I’m a PC. Always have been and imagine I always will be. Yes Apples are great, but they aren’t for me. While I always enjoyed the Apple vs PC commercials, something always felt wrong. For one, I look like the Apple guy. And all that fun stuff he does on his cute little Mac, […]

  • Microsoft Surface Table

    By far the coolest freakin $10,000 table on the market, the Microsoft Surface.