Michael Phelps Bong Picture (Exclusive)

Just got my hands on a new exclusive photo of Michael Phelps smoking weed, check it out below:

michael phelps bong picture

That photo may or may not be altered. Also if you are wondering what brand the the Michael Phelps bong is, its a ROOR 3.2.


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  1. Allan Briggs Says:

    Dude, good one… lol… thats a beauty. Im putting a link to your page on my facebook group for “Pull a bong with Michael Phelps and blow a few Million too!”.

    Cheers. Al.

  2. Gayla Says:

    Come on the critics need to get over their selves already,its not like its crack or meth. Because that would be a performing enhancing drug. LEGALIZE IT ALREADY!

  3. Madison Says:

    It’s only pot. Let the guy live once in awhile….geez.

  4. Lynsey Says:

    Why does he need to apologize? It’s marijuana people.

    Everone idolized Michael Phelps in the first place so there’s no reason to look down on him now so what he fucking smoked a natural healing herb that lightly intoxicates and makes you hungry and maybe sleepy. No one looks down upon those who choose to drink a deadly susbstance like alcohol which causes many thousand deaths per year while pot causes zero. Alcohol endangers peoples life while pot helps peoples lives by helping depression and intense pain from serious disease. You fuckers need to back off Michael Phelps and smoke a blunt so you feel better about your “idol’s” flaws. Him smoking marijuana is not headline news or atleast shouldnt be because there are more important things going on in the world and plus i know up to twenty people locally that hit bongs everyDAY. And no one gives a FUCK. So why can’t Michael Phelps hit a bong and enjoy himself? Saying someone hitting a bong is news is like saying wiping my ass is news.

    A message out to you, Michael, say fuck you people I am young and trying to enjoy the little time I have ouside training, I smoke pot and win gold medals. You people don’t smoke and what do you have on me? Not shit.

    So Im proud of you Michael, your still an Idol!

  5. Adam Gurton Says:

    Knowing that Michael Phelps smokes marijuana is very dissapointing…NOT! thats so legit. LEGALIZE THAT SHIT

  6. Josh Kessler Says:

    Weed was made by god. Its a plant. How can you make that illegal!? LEGALIZE IT

  7. Kim Says:

    Needless to say this is causing quite a stir. In my opinion, the problem is not that Michael smoked pot but that his is an idol and known the world around by young and old. The under thirteen crowd is always looking for a person to emmulate. Michael was the man………but I think the DWI and the pot smoking will disintegrate his image in a time when we need real heroes.

  8. Do it Says:

    let the man be… jeez. He shouldn’t have to apologize. I bet with his lungs though he could probably clear a 12-footer lol

  9. birdman Says:

    I don’t see what the big deal is. The guy has obviously devoted his life to the sport and his country his ENTIRE life and just whats to blow off some steam, throw back some brews and spark a bud. It’s called a vacation for him. he’s been so structured his whole life he just wants to know what it feels like to be NORMAL! that’s right, normal. Anyone who says they haven’t done the same or at least thought about is either lying or missing the basics of relaxation. they’re the one’s who end up blasting post offices and eating a bullet.

  10. birdman Says:

    oh yeah, i almost forgot. “burn one down for me Mike! Your’re still my hero”


    Number 1! He should have been aware of his surroundings before he did anything! Mike also should can the chick immediately who he was seeing at the university quickly. Damn! things done changed! well at least no more money now less problems! what an IDIOTTTTT!


    He should can the chick! get a face altercation and win 10 gold medals in London problem solved under a unasumed new name! Hemply Weedongroting! Haha1

  13. mike Says:

    I know a few people who smoke pot and can hardly tie their own shoes. Harmless my ass. Phelps is a douche bag! But obviously not the only douche bag.

  14. Herb is still Illegal Says:

    Well, not only a few years ago when Phelps got cited for a DUI and he wasn’t even the legal age and now he is smoking pot, which in America is still illegal pretty much tells me that he still has just as much respect for the law a few years ago as he does now . Many say its not bad, they should legalize it and so on. For this I have to say, it is still illegal. In my opinion illegal is illegal, its black and white. The damn guy is 23 years old, he is old enough to know his head from his ass, or maybe he is as stupid as he looks, but at least he can swim fast.. Yeah!!!!!! (who really cares about swimming??) Other than Phelps name 3 other swimmers that you know. My point exactly.

  15. Michael Phelps News Says:

    Everyone should just leave Michael Phelps alone and give him some privacy. And I would love to hear President Obama come out in support of Micheal Phelps on this situation.

  16. t0k3nBuDz Says:


    Its only bud….not a damn thing wrong with it. Like someone said above, legalize it already.

    On a side note, if you joined the phelps bandwagon when he won all those olympic metals….to those people, did you know that we was caught for drunk driving when he was 19???? Nice idol, huh? People are more likely to kill some under the influence of alcohol then bud.

    The only reason they do not legalize bud is because they (our government)will lose billions in revenue. Everyone would grow good shit in their house or backyard, and they (our government) will not be able to tax the shit outta us to grow the stuff.

    Just my 2 cents…..no refunds or exchanges

  17. reese Says:

    He has to apologize idiots, if he wants to keep all the money and sponsors…come on…use your brains

  18. reese Says:

    He has to apologize idiots, if he wants to keep all the money and sponsors…come on…use your brains… I BET if it was allen iverson or sum1 with a couple tattoos that smoked weed, you all would b sayin…”o what a dumbass, throw him in prison with mike vick”

  19. david buechner Says:

    that is not that tube, that tube definitely has another perk in it, still though Micheal Phelps smoking pot is pretty rad

  20. Andrew Says:

    Burn him!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    He really did it now. Burn him for what he has done the the comunity!!!! I think he needs to give back all his medals in a huge televised cerimony on CBS, and then go to jail. And if I were his sponsors I would slam the door in his face!!!!!! If I were his parents I would change my last name to something else, let him have the name he has discraced with his pot. He needs to be made an example of. A retched example to society, he needs to be a posterchild of to what leghth society can punish people.

    Or he needs to go from school to school across america telling every child in every school that he is sorry for what he did to them, and that everything he did in the olyimpics is a sham, because he smoked pot. illegal dirty filthy pot. collectivly we should advocate to have him commitied so he can feel the wrath of mob rule!

  21. Mikey M Says:

    Legalize and tax it. Michael is really a hero to me now.

  22. John Says:

    Nice piece there mike. I have the same one lol.

  23. maryjane1234 Says:

    legalize it. everybodly likes smoking weed. he shouldnt be in trouble

  24. Get a life Says:

    That pic could be anybody…he looks like my brother for fickin sakes!!!

  25. potsmokinswimmer69 Says:

    Phelps is my hero! I cheef daily and I swim too gives me a great excuse why I show up to practice high if phelps does it so can I it obviously isn’t that bad cause obviously he’s done it before and he still rapes at the olympics! So legalize that shit so that swimmers everywhere can spark a bud and win gold

  26. cbrown Says:

    i never liked bongs anyway

  27. Jenn Says:

    everyone makes mistakes! let it go, move on. he’s still my hero too.

  28. TruthMan Says:

    So all you anti-drug warriors may now shut the hell up! You never had anything based in reality to ever say about puffing that weed in the first place. The real truth has come out regarding narrow iguana use and performance and I hope it makes your collective fascist & anti-freedom brains just ache to read about it.

    I don’t indulge in the superb herb because I’d lose my job if they piss tested me yet I’d gladly be willing to risk my employment if I could get just one toke or ten out of the bong Phelps used.

    It appears that the best swimmer in history likes to smoke a bit of that sweet sweet Barney. Choke on that handy fact while you line up to kiss my Libertarian butt!

    We win this round, creeps!

    With Liberty,


  29. anthony Says:

    People I think were missing the point, he beat everyone in the olympics and smokes pot! He’s god (:

  30. mark Says:

    It’s not legal. Maybe it should be but it’s not. He is looked up to by children and this pic is sending the wrong message. He should know better.

  31. Mandi Says:

    that bong is a beauty! legalize bud, its funny guns and shit are legal when that shit kills people.

    michael tell everyone to fuck off.

  32. James Dean Says:

    It’s goes back to the old double standard of law for Black and White people. Now when Michael Vick had remnant’s of weed in a water bottle that they claimed he threw away, people (the media) wanted to crucify him and they wasn’t absolutely sure it was his(heresay). So when this guy is caught with the bong at his lips now people want to say, “leave him alone”.
    I know this probably won’t get posted but someone will read it and do like ya’ll always do and that is brush it under the rug. That’s why Black people don’t trust white folks.

  33. Michelle Says:

    Come on, People!!! There isn’t any smoke in the bong! Who’s to say he wasn’t hamming for the camera, if it’s even him. Geez, get a life and live and let live!

  34. Benk Says:

    Keep it real mike. you are showing everyone that weed is not bad. and every1 uses it

  35. daisyraine Says:

    Wtf ever, the guy is still a young man. He’s been training for most of his life and i don’t recall anyone ever asking him if he even LIKES swimming.. most kids put into these roles just want to relax and be kids….so he smoked a little pot and had a little fun. he’s not lindsey lohan or brittney spears by a mile

  36. theneth Says:

    I dont blame phelps for using a bong …. I mean with all that water around. Temptaion.

  37. CPTUSARET Says:

    I will not say what Michael Phelps did was wrong, immature and nor a poor demonstration of judgment and character. I do not approve of his smoking pot, if in fact he did, just as I was disappointed and did not approve of his DUI a few years ago. However, 50 million Americans just elected a President, who, according to his own admission used illegal drugs.
    Nearly three decades ago, Barack Obama stood out on the small campus of Occidental College in Los Angeles for his eloquence, intellect and activism against apartheid in South Africa. But Mr. Obama, then known as Barry, also joined in the party scene.
    Years later in his 1995 memoir, he mentioned smoking “reefer” in “the dorm room of some brother” and talked about “getting high.” Before Occidental, he indulged in marijuana, alcohol and sometimes cocaine as a high school student in Hawaii, according to the book. He made “some bad decisions” as a teenager involving drugs and drinking, Senator Obama, now President Obama, told high school students in New Hampshire during the primaries.
    Mr. Obama’s admissions are rare for a politician (his book, “Dreams From My Father,” was written before he ran for office.) They briefly became a campaign issue in December, 2007, when an adviser to Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, Mr. Obama’s chief Democratic rival (and now his Secretary of State for the United States), suggested that his history with drugs would make him vulnerable to Republican attacks if he became his party’s nominee.
    Mr. Obama, of Illinois, has never quantified his illicit drug use or provided many details. He wrote about his two years at Occidental, a predominantly white liberal arts college, as a gradual but profound awakening from a slumber of indifference that gave rise to his activism there and his fears that drugs could lead him to addiction or apathy, as they had for many other black men.
    Mr. Obama’s account of his younger self and drugs, though, significantly differs from the recollections of others who do not recall his drug use. That could suggest he was so private about his usage that few people were aware of it, that the memories of those who knew him decades ago are fuzzy or rosier out of a desire to protect him, or that he added some writerly touches in his memoir to make the challenges he overcame seem more dramatic.
    In more than three dozen interviews, friends, classmates and mentors from his high school and Occidental recalled Mr. Obama as being grounded, motivated and poised, someone who did not appear to be grappling with any drug problems and seemed to dabble only with marijuana.
    No, I did not vote for Barrack Obama; however, he is still the President of the United States, my President, and our President! I watched the campaign for his presidency just as intensively as I watched Michael Phelps win 8 medals during the Beijing Summer Olympics. While I do not agree with what President Obama did in his youth, nor many of the things he is now doing as President, the same holds true for me concerning some of the behaviors of Michael Phelps that have surfaced from time to time. That being said, I respect Barrack Obama as our President and I respect Michael Phelps for his accomplishments as the greatest swimmer and Olympian in history.
    By the way, I am not proud of every single thing I have done throughout my life but I try to live an honest and good life. I am sure almost every person on the face of the earth have done things that they are not proud of and that you now have misgivings about. Give Michael Phelps and President Obama a chance. While they may be role models and celebrities, they are, after all, just human beings.
    I fully concur with Ricky Hampton’s comments recently in his editorial in The Flint Journal and find it commendable that he did not condemn Michael Phelps as so many Americans have. Other web sites have hundreds of comments stating that what Michael Phelps did was okay to screaming that he should be stripped of all 14 Olympic Medals. Others go on to say that Michael Phelps should be prosecuted in South Carolina: I was born in SC and thank God I don’t live there anymore if that is all a sheriff has to do is ponder arresting a 23 year old celebrity based upon a photograph, that for all intents and purposes, could have been modified. If we go to that extreme in this country, shouldn’t we impeach President Obama for his own admissions of illegal drugs? We have far more important issues facing this great nation than to worry about what Michael Phelps is doing in his free time. Thanks for listening, America.
    P.S. Michael, listen to the great advice of Ricky Hampton. Remember, you are not some run of the mill, Joe Blow in America. You are in our nation’s limelight in the same way Barrack Obama is. Thank you for making America so proud of you during the Olympics. Now, go forth and continue to make us proud. We all make mistakes: Do not let your past determine who you are, but rather allow you past to determine who you will become.
    Mike C., Kansas City

  38. Bongwater Says:

    Michael lost his cornflakes endorsement and was suspended for a time. Not too bad. Maybe ROOR could pay him for his endorsement of their product! His big screw up in my opinion was letting some dickhead (as Seth Meyers on SNL called him) take his picture while he was toking. Big mistake! Hopefully that “friend” has had his ass kicked by now.

  39. Lonny James Says:

    Michael, you must stand up on the highest podium you can with all of your gold medals, infront of as many people as you can and say…..FUCK YOU BITCHES IM MICHAEL PHELPS How many medals do you guys have ?

  40. Princess Says:

    I think it’s ridiclous that he’s being attacked for something so ridiclous !so what if he took some bong hits sat down and ate a bag of chips ! Or maybe a bowl or cereal !!!!!!! I Guess since it’s socially acceptable , Everyone would rather him go out and get drunk act like a retard and beat someone up . Leave the poor guy alone he’s a wonderfully talented man and shoudn’t be being ridiclued like this , GOD EVERYONE REALLY NEEDS TO GET A LIFE AND START WORRYING ABOUT THE REAL PROBLEMS IN THE WORLD !!!! HOw about the war , The Ressession , And Child Poverty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. l. snow Says:

    why kind of a loser would print this and fuck with a young kid as accomplished as michael phelps?!

  42. frhonda dixon Says:

    why is it ok for lindsay lohan to snort coke and party like a rock star? mike worked twice as hard to get his gold metals. let the poor guy be. he deserves to party a bit. rock on mike!!!! im with u all the way babe!!!!!

  43. StillBlade Says:

    I agree with Lynsey. Never ceases to amaze me; almost a 900 BILLION “stimulus” bill being shoved down our throats to avoid a purported depression (money that we do not have and is being borrowed from other nations) that is naught but a spending bill, worries that Iran will gain nuclear weapons, North Korea still doing it’s thing, our brothers and sisters turning into fertilizer in Iraq and Afganistan, wildfires in Australia, 50% of Detroit can’t read, unemployment closing-in on the old record. . . .but the BIG STORY is Michael Phelps blowing a fatty. And let’s not forget A-Rod doing some ‘roids – HOLY SHIT it’s the end of the world as we know it! Give me a fuckin break! Those bozos cranking about Mike getting mellow would probably sink if thrown in water. Mike – you rock! You are still a hero and the cool people in America stand with you. Just to fuck-up your lungs with the smoke, dude.

  44. StillBlade Says:

    Oh, by the way, Andrew from 03 Feb – what kind of maladjusted, mentally disturbed, freak sewer dweller are you? Are you for real? I am of the opinion, collectively, all of us on the blog should find out where you are, beat your freaky ass with axe handles then take you around from school to school and show kinds what a shithead inbreed looks like. After that we should beat the shit out of your parents. What were they, by the way; brother and sister or father and daughter/mother and son?

  45. john wilson Says:

    first of all by smoking pot micheals not being a good steward of his body hes acting irresponsible, are you guys kidding me legalize it? whats wrong with you why are stoners proud of this, it demoralizes phelps character i dont look up to him anymore as an admirant swimmer im ashamed i wish i had the lungs he has he just abuses them, can you imagine the little kids that look up to him and see him smoking pot on the news, im dissapointed in him and america and 70% of america for trying to justify it

  46. Jacob Says:

    After all the talk of mike smokin. Is there even any smoke in the cylinder. I am a smoker and any smoker knows that if there is no smoke in the bong your probably not taking a real hit!

  47. ROORtC Says:

    Noone should care what he does off season. smokein bud isnt hurting anyone. Hehas good tatse on Bongs too.. ROOR custom son!

  48. pinksparklestar Says:

    I loved Michael Phelps until I saw this picure. He was my idol.I was his number one fan from the heart. Now he’s nothing to me but a dope, a dummy, a nobody and I hope he hears this so he can realise what a big mistake he made and what a jerk he is fro braking my heart. And im sure half the worlds fans hearts are broken too!

  49. mikayla Says:

    Pinksparklestar what you smokin’ i know what Michael Phelps is but heck im still a michael phelps fan! light one up for Mike! ^_^ and one more thing. IF ANYONE TRIES TO HURT MY MIKEY I’LL BEAT THE LIVING SHIT OUTTA YOU! YOU GOT THAT! HE’S ALL MINE!

  50. mikayla Says:

    oh amd one more thing pinksparklestar. YOU SPELLED FOR WRONG YOU FUCKING STUPID BITCH! XD

  51. Skyler Says:

    I agree, there is a lot more shit in the world going on than fussing over someone hitting a bong..whoopdie fucking doo people. I GLADLY AND PROUDLY SMOKE WEED. He has no reason to apologize to ANYONE, it’s his life let him live it the way he fuckin wants. I function when i smoke so where does that put him??? Is there any fucking difference from catching a kid that was smoking then catching Michael Phelps?? NO so if anyone has a fucking problem shove it up ur ass cause this is just POINTLESSSS……

  52. Jj Says:

    If you think Phelphs personally hurt you or your feelings you should go kill yourself you stupid cunts the poor basterd just wanted to feel good.

  53. Billy Mays Says:

    Legalize not legal lies.

    Yay for phelps!

  54. derek kramer Says:

    Does Michael Phelps’ lung capacity allow him to take monster bong hits?

  55. samson Says:

    weeds the shit
    stop hatin’

  56. johnny Says:

    Legalize mary jane first AND second!!

    Miachel Phelps is the man!!

  57. Losing Love Handles Says:

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  58. bilo Says:

    its a plant..

  59. Trevor Sash Says:


  60. Michael Moore, aka Papa Hemp Says:

    This is PROOF that winners DO smoke pot. He’s won 16 Olympic medals. LEAVE HIM ALONE!!!! Would there have been the same outrage from the public and the media, if he had been shown being drunk on alcohol? A MUCH more dangerous intoxicant. NO!!!!

  61. dan Says:

    This bong isn’t a 3.2, it’s a Roor custom fairmaster 5.0 – Red Vengeance.


Published: February 1st, 2009