Newport Beach Ferrari Crash


There was a terrible Ferrari crash in Newport Beach last night. The crash took the life of Tapout founder Charles “Mask” Lewis, a well known entrepreneur in the mixed martial arts industry. It also took place on a road I’m very familiar with, Jamboree blvd.

This road is perfect for these beautiful exotics that litter the south Orange County landscape. Long windy stretches with few lights, it was normal to see drivers take their car to various extremes here. Sure maybe I did it once or twice myself.

From Manolith – TapouT Founder Charles “Mask” Lewis Killed in Ferrarri Crash

Charles Lewis Jr., known as “Mask” and as founder of mixed martial arts gear and clothing line TapouT, was pronounced dead early Wednesday morning after a fatal car crash ended his life in Newport Beach. The accident also left a female companion in critical condition that had been ejected from the passenger seat of Lewis’s Ferrari.  Local authorities have arrested a second driver who was reported to have been drunkenly racing alongside Lewis in a Porsche.

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  1. Dave Says:

    You really think that this section of Jamboree is poorly lit and windy? If only it were poorly lit, then maybe, just maybe, he wouldn’t have fallen victem to one of the many concrete light poles that line this particular (not windy) up-hill stretch of Jamboree. Oh, by-the-way if you are so familiar with it, why do you think it’s Jamboree Blvd? It’s Jamboree Rd.

  2. Sean Percival Says:

    Sorry I meant few lights as in few street lights. I spent most of my life in Irvine and Newport so yes I’m familiar.

  3. Neil Says:

    I walked down the street I work on to see the wreck yesterday. Photos do not compare to seeing the horrendous wreck in person. It’s simply amazing that the woman in the car survived.

    I did not have my good camera with me, but I did snap this with my phone.
    It shows the distance between the front and rear of the car.

    While working in this area for the past 9+ years, I see exotics daily. And, yes, they do like to push their cars on roads like this. I don’t think there is a good excuse for wreckless driving like this. I feel for his family and friends, but if you play with fire…

  4. Bob Says:

    Who cares. Rich guy in car that most of us can’t afford becomes reckless and crashes. I’m glad he didn’t kill any innocent people, because at the speed he must have been going it easily could’ve happened. BTW, i drove by the accident on Jamboree and saw the car split in half. Dangerous fool. I feel bad for children starving in Third World countries, not rich guys being dangerous on the road.

  5. steve Says:

    this was human being. to hear other bloggers make such careless statements about this rich dude and how they are more concerned with starving children in third world countries sickens me. here is a guy who by the sweat of his own hard work grew a business into a multi-million dollar company and created a huge stream of taxes, jobs and services for california. he should be applauded and although he acted recklessly , he should be treated with dignity. Good for him , he died having a good time. i for one offer my condolences to his family and those who loved him that he left behind. Shame on you calous jerks who need to target your anger and frustration on this victim of a terible accident.

  6. jerks Says:

    I also drove past the accident and only a few thoughts came to me “god Please Comfort the family’s and be with who ever was hurt”
    A story comes to mind about a man who was in a very bad accident near death and he could hear what people in the cars around him had been thinking, “the traffic is horrible” “sucks for that guy” “natural selection” one car stood out like a bright light in the distance and he could hear the women in the car asking god to watch over him.

    You never know who’s listening! one day it could be any of you in that car what would you want someone saying about you?

    be mindful of others don’t be jerks.

  7. DeNiro Says:

    I live on Jamboree and Ford Rd, just about 1 block south of the accident. My condo faces Jamboree and I’ve lived here for 5+ years. I’m used to seeing, and hearing exotics literally fly by almost daily and I’ve always thought that someone was either going to kill not just themselves but another person or family. People literally FLY down this street and I see them speed by going way beyond 80, 90 or even 100.
    I am sure that these guys didn’t even know each other..they just happened to be driving down Jamboree that guy in a Ferrari and a drunk asshole in an old Porsche (who has 2 DUI’s already). So they start speeding down the street..I mean hey the street had wide lanes, it’s late at night and very much has a “feel” of a racetrack. So when you’re speeding you don’t think about the fact that there is a HUGE fucking lightpole or trees in the middle of the divider and poles/trees don’t have too much “give” if you hit them..know what I mean?
    What I am going to say is going to be harsh..but it’s the truth when you think about it. But..EVERYONE got what they deserved in this tragedy.
    The Mask died on impact of that pole (you can see the blood on it everywhere), but maybe he died so that the girl passenger with him could live..
    Now she will with out a doubt give a second thought to jumping into exotics with someone who would put her life in jeaopardy.
    The drunk Porsche driver..well he’s a fucking asshole for already having 2 DUI’s and racing a guy in a new Ferrari AND he had a girl with him? That guys deserves to do some serious time and take it up the ass from Bubba..
    The drunk girl with the Porsche driver…well just like the other girl with The Mask, I am sure she is going to do some serious soul-searching about who she gets into cars with.
    Don’t get me wrong…bloggers..the fact that someone died is NOT good..and it is terrible..My heart goes out to the entire family / friends of the Mask..but maybe…just maaaaaybee now the other guys who have exotics that would typically race down the street I live in will give a 2nd thought about doing that..Come on..If you have enough fucking cash to buy a $200k+ exotic fucking sports car…TAKE THE MOTHER FUCKER TO A TRACK AND RACE IT SAFELY!!!..

  8. Moon Says:

    Well… you fucking idiots that make all these comments, and do not a thing you are talking about…….

    The person… yes, he is a person .,.,. who was driving the porshe happens to be my neighbour. He made an awful mistake, and will pay for it for the rest of his life. Currently waiting to hear what charges he will face. The man deserves to be ounished, he was over the limits, and will get what he deserves, but he is a person, and no-one here can tell me that they have never driven drunk, never pressed hard against another driver…. he got unlucky, and someone died………

    The Driver of the Ferrari is also to balme, and he made those choices to drive that fast and that recklessly, and sadly paid for it with his life…….

    so, when you make such comments, think about if that driver was your great friend, who has always shown ytou the heart as big as the USA, and who made the same mistake you and I have made ….

  9. Name Says:

    He is my friend!!! Waaaaa!!! Friend, Neighbor…whatever…the BIG difference between your buddy/pal/neighbor and other people who maybe have driven under the influece is…HE WAS RACINIG!!!! AND CONTRIBUTED TO THE DEATH OF ANOTHER PERSON.
    Sure, a lot of people have driven when they should not have been..but it is a HUGE difference to say..”oh shit I’ve had a little too much to drink, let me drive home slowly, as carefull as I can and get home in one piece” VS…Racing a another guy in a Ferrari so we can have a dick measuring contest. Your neighbor is probably a really great, nice person and all that but he FUCKED UP. And what about the fact that he’s had 2 PRIOR DUI CONVICTIONS???

  10. Name Says:

    I bet if he killed your mom, wife, sister, brother or someone you really love you’d be signing another tune.

    And yes the Ferrari driver is alsoo totally to blame and a fucking idiot for racing too…although he paid for it with his life what a stupid way to go for being so smart…

    Don’t get upset man..this is just reality…and

  11. Moon Says:

    Check your facts fuck-wit and stop believing what the papers say …. the truth will come out, and road reports are suggesting that he wasn’t racing, and the Ferrari came from behind at an alarming speed .. so don’t pre-judge becasue you are able to read biased paper reporting.

    the prior one was over 20 years ago ….

    He was wrong, and deserves a punishment, but not the blame you and the papers are suggesting

  12. DeNiro Says:

    Fuck Wit?
    Come on man this doesn’t need to go to that level.

    Don’t be upset..that is what happens if you set up a blog board.
    Peace..the world and everyone really just need to value each other and their lives…because life is so short.

  13. Jason Gold Says:

    I seriously don’t believe it. I pray Wayne is ok for the world cup!

  14. Steven Says:

    What ever happened with the other driver? Does anyone know if he was convicted of any crime? Such a terrible tragedy for everyone involved…

Published: March 12th, 2009