Crunchpad = TILF


Tablet I’d like to…..SHUT YOUR MOUTH

We got a sneak peak at the TechCrunch tablet or “Crunchpad” due to some premature posterous-ulation. Gizmodo ran with it, and Crunchgear followed up with more info and pictures.

The device is hot as shit and looks great. What we are seeing here still considered a prototype but its clear the device is getting very close to market. 

I’ll take 3.

Update: Mike gives us some more info here.

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3 Comments about “Crunchpad = TILF”

  1. Jolie O'Dell Says:

    Ok. I’ll ask it:

    Sean, how do you fuck a tablet, please?


  2. Sean Percival Says:

    Very carefully.

    Maybe with some coconut oil.


  3. Mark Says:

    “Very carefully”

    Ahh… You hear that folks? That’s a gentle lover for ya!


Published: April 10th, 2009