Leaving Docstoc

Update: Heres what is next.

Yes I know, it has only been 3 months and I’m already leaving Docstoc. Today in fact is going to be my last day.  

So whats the deal?

Good question! I think when I made the move from corporate web development into the start up space I made a few missteps. While both Mahalo and Docstoc are cool companies with amazing people, they weren’t the perfect fit for me. Am I asking for too much from a job? Probably. However that is my nature, fearlessly driven to create and shape my own role in a company. Bosses both love and hate this trait. 

I can tell you now that leaving a start up is a bitter sweet experience. In both my cases its the people you always miss most. They are ones you share the struggles, the successes and of course the huge massive failures with. Leaving early is even harder because you know after you’re gone, they’ll still be there, doing what ever it takes to make it happen. With everything I’ve learned over the last year, its the personal relationships that I value the most.

So whats next?

Once again, good question! And I wish I could tell you all about it right now. However in the spirit of anticipation I wont. Instead I’ll just say whats next is several things. Hell, lets call it Project Z.

Stay Tuned.

Cartoon by: Hugh MacLeod

Sean Percival

Sean Percival is an American author, investor and entrepreneur.