How Server Uptime and Speed Affects SEO

For SEO website stability and speed are vital to a healthy indexing.  Your website must remain online and fast at all times. Any downtime or sluggish page loads can be catastrophic. Want to see how bad?


After a server outage that lasted two days, my blog was hit hard. I’ve lost roughly half of my monthly readership thanks to this event. While some of this loss is related to less new blogging (specifically about trend related items), a lot my older posts have lost rankings, falling back several results pages.

It sucks but it has helped force me to move my blog to a faster server and be better prepared for such an event. Once I’m done adjusting the various knobs and switches, I’ll provide some more insight on this topic.

To get yourself started why don’t you download Firebug and YSlow. These tools help you identify slow loading code which can greatly affect your site and web servers perfomance.

Sean Percival

Sean Percival is an American author, investor and entrepreneur.