Charlie Sheen Hashtag Trends We Should Expect

Now that Charlie Sheen has joined Twitter what type of hashtag trends should we expect from him? To find out we crunched the rocks of data into little lines and this is what it told us:


To be used to generally express something you’ve done that might be considered winning by Charlie.

Example: Just bounced a check to an exotic dancer because she wasn’t blonde enough. #duhwinning


To only be used on a Friday to recommend people/things/drugs you think your followers should consider swallowing.

Example: @mushrooms @pride @zoevoss @playdoh @pills #swallowfriday


Charlie Sheen is a warlock. So every Wednesday we should recognize this and pay homage through this humble hashtag.

Example: In honor of this #warlockwednesday I have decided to stop wearing pants to work.


Need to end an annoying Twitter argument? Easy. Just send out a mighty #buy-bye hashtag to signal you’re done talking about it.

Example: @petersmith You may be right about that but you’re still an idiot #buh-bye


Sure having blood is cool but having tiger blood is AWESOME. If you have something to tweet that requires the extra punch only tiger blood can offer use this hashtag.

Example: Just drove a flaming car off a cliff and into a fireworks factory. #tigerblood


One nice thing about being Charlie Sheen is the endless supplies of hot women (he calls them his “goddesses”). Using this hashtag you can let the world know what it takes to become one.

Example: #youmightbeagoddessif you have a purse full of checks made out to cash.


Charlie Sheen is a bitching rock star from Mars but not everyone can reach such a level. So just like the widely popular hashtag #lessambitiousmovies you can use this hashtag to call out people who are simply not as ambitious as Sheen.

Example: Wow my friend @johnsmith could only do (3) 8 balls of coke before dying. #lessamitiouspeople

0 responses to “Charlie Sheen Hashtag Trends We Should Expect”

  1. so, is it #buh-bye or #buy-bye…?
    Also, you can’t have a hyphen in a hashtag. Punctuation breaks it. #justsayin

  2. these sheen quotes are pure brain rot; he’s not funny nor are they. utilizing them as the “in” memes of the week, now turned month, is not only a derision of the general populaces intelligence but also unnecessary and ultimately damaging, positive reinforcement to a very conceited, megalomaniac.