Saving Space

I think the year was 2006, or maybe it was 2007.

In any case, Myspace was hot and on a ridiculous trajectory as it introduced social networking to the masses. I had been using it since its very first days. As user ID #3201, I was apparently an early adopter even back then.

During that same time, I was basically toiling as a crappy Web developer working on boring websites. I wanted to work at Myspace badly. I mean really badly. I applied for nearly every job it posted–even if I didn’t completely understand the role or job title. Myspace never returned my many job applications, so I ended up taking a different path. Perhaps the company sensed my desperation. More likely, it just had too many applications to manage. The stories coming out of Myspace were as sensational as its traffic growth, so there was a great deal of interest in working there.

Fast forward a few years to late 2009. I found myself sitting in the lobby of Myspace in Beverly Hills. By now, a few things had changed. For one, the company’s trajectory was a little different. I also didn’t have to beg for a job this time. No, instead the company would be pushing me to join–selling it as a big opportunity to make an impact.

They didn’t have to push though.

I would say “yes” mostly because I loved the story behind Myspace. Los Angeles doesn’t have many huge Web players. I almost felt it was my obligation to the city and tech community to try. Try what? To try and make something happen. If we could only move the needle enough, perhaps we could save the iconic Internet destination that Myspace is. Furthermore, to do that alongside Mike Jones and the many other world-class colleagues at Myspace was a dream ride.

Today, however, that journey ends. It was my last day along with majority of my team that handled Online Marketing. I want to send a “thank you” to the team that continuously worked through many challenging situations with both style and class.

As far as what’s next for me, I’m happy to say not much right now. I’m going to enjoy some time with my family and sit on a few beaches. When I’m back though, I plan to return to the start-up world.

I’ve missed it so.


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Sean Percival

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