About Sean

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Sean Percival is an American entrepreneur, investor and author originally from California. Through his work in acclaimed accelerator programs like 500 Startups and Katapult Accelerator, Sean has helped to mentor hundreds of startups on growth marketing and fundraising. He has also invested in 100+ startups and founded several of his own. Finally, he’s a multifaced and experienced marketing executive with prior experience as the Vice President of Online Marketing at Myspace and as former CMO of Whereby.

Sean currently lives in Larkollen, Norway, but can also be found in Oslo, Los Angeles, and Silicon Valley. Although these days you’ll mostly find him in video meetings.

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Career Path

  • 1998: Janitor
  • 1999: Telephone Tech Support
  • 2000: Network Administrator
  • 2002: Webmaster
  • 2006: Wantrepreneur
  • 2008: Unclear Exactly
  • 2010: Vice President
  • 2011: Entrepreneur
  • 2012: CEO/Co-Founder
  • 2013: Vice President
  • 2015: Investment Partner
  • 2019: CMO
  • 2020: Vagabond author on lockdown
  • 2021: Investment Partner
  • 2022: CMO


  • Online Marketing
  • Ecommerce
  • Dank Memes
  • Subcultures

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