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  • The Men of Pinterest

    The Men of Pinterest

    In case you missed it, Pinterest is a new website capable of curing the common cold, solving world peace and doing your taxes. It’s literally that good. Really though, it’s a new bookmarking service that has been all the rage lately. Seeing how it just surpassed 10 million monthly visitors, it’s hard to deny there’s something there. Now that I think […]

  • 10 Tools to Kick Ass With in 2010

    Since 2010 (pronounced ‘twenty-ten’) is here, I wanted to share ten tools I’m going to use this year to kick ass. Just like Michael Arrington’s annual list, these are web services or gadgets that I love right now. Let’s get right to it: 1. Wordy Do you bad write sometime? Me too. Actually, I write beautifully […]