I’ve written several books usually about incredibly niche topics that are of interest to me at the time. I’m currently in the process of writing several more.

Living with Norwegians

Living with Norwegians Book Cover Sean Percival Norway Book

This guide is a collection of personal experiences, Norwegian stereotypes, and friendly advice on how to survive life in Norway. It’s the ideal starting point for someone who is curious about life in Norway and for those already in the process of making the move. Learn how to adapt to life in Norway and better understand the sometimes-peculiar Norwegians themselves.

The Accelerator Survival Guide

Accelerator Survival Guide

This guide is a collection of experiences, a few rants, some frameworks, and awesome startup accelerator best practices. It’s the ideal starting point for program directors but any member of an accelerator’s staff can find value within its pages. Learn how to maximize your program and avoid the major pitfalls with this true survival guide.

Marketing WTF

Marketing Book

This book works as a dictionary of all the online marketing acronyms you should know.

Goodnight Fortnite

A parody of the children’s classic bedtime story Goodnight Moon set in the world of Fortnite.

Working with Norwegians

Working with Norwegians Book Sean Percival Guidebook

My experience with working across cultures as an American businessman in Norway.

Myspace Marketing

myspace book

I was one of the first ‘social media marketers’ and published a book about using platforms like Myspace to advertise.

Second Life Travel Guide

second life book

Second Life was an early pioneer in the area of creating virtual worlds. I published a small travel guide for navigating the service.

“It’s not the first 90% of writing a book that’s tough, it’s the second 90%”

– Some asshole

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